Club Night 11/07/2011

posted 12 Jul 2011, 08:29 by ukulele457

Dear Friends,

                      Thank you all for another great night which saw a total of 31 attending including 7 brand new members. It was great to see (and hear) you all enjoying yourselves so much and I think we agreed that the new running agenda our Dennis pulled together for us made the evening much more interesting and enjoyable for us all. The solo spots are a great way to get us up on our feet and many of you commented that they would like to see these become a regular feature of our club nights.     Please remember what Dennis said, there is no pressure to perform during these sessions and whilst we will always encourage no one will ever insist! It was also great to have so much positive feed back coming in following Andrew’s regular coaching sessions which have all been passed on to him with your thanks. Andrews’s workshops are again an excellent way of enjoying your Uke and getting to grips with the basic elements of making music. On the subject of feed back I must remind our members that your club will always welcome your personal views and opinions and our founder members believe these are a vital and very important contribution to the continued success of the IUC. As a club we are still very much in our embryonic stage and there is no doubt that we have something special here which is great, but as always it could be better. We therefore very much encourage your feedback on any aspect of the club, its music and of course our meetings etc so please keep it coming in. Please remember we are not professionals at this and your constructive criticism, suggestions, ideas, feed back (both good and bad) will always be greatly valued by your founder member team.

                  Founder Members/What are they & Who are they? I am sure you have heard the term mentioned but are you aware of what or who they are? We purposely do not have a committee as we feel such titles can confuse and can sometimes get in the way of things. But we do have a small core of members who met together in the Flying Horse just 3 months ago and formed the IUC. These people freely give their time and skills and are prepared to step up and go that extra mile to make our get togethers fun and worthwhile and it is these members who now effectively run the club and make decisions on your behalf. I think it is worthwhile reminding you all who these people are which will allow you to get to know them better and will hopefully provide you with a name and face to share your thoughts with.

We start with Andrew Macey (our novices coach) Sheila Woods (takes your money and looks after the books) along side her man Mick Woods, Dennis & Debbie Lee (the man who leads from the front with the golden smile and his dear wife and PA!) Bob Clampitt, David Hopkins, David Warton, Marco Sambolino and me John Padwick who churns out this drivel.

               Lastly, and on behalf of all these founder members we must send our sincere thanks to you all for turning up every other Monday evening with your Ukes and friendship in abundance and for supporting us in our attempt to take over the world!. Our clubs 3 key objectives are simple, 1, to meet new friends, 2, develop your playing skills but above all 3, have fun.

See you all on the 25th of July.