Club Update 01/09/2012

posted 1 Sep 2011, 06:25 by ukulele457

Hi All,

Thanks to you our little club appears to be going from strength to strength and with some 90 members on our books it is becoming increasingly difficult to call it “our little club” anymore. We have lots of interesting ideas lined up for the future and your founder members who manage our "little big" club are very careful to ensure our progression along this long and winding road is slow and carefully planned to meet the needs of you our members.

With this welcome increase in our numbers we need to involve more members in running the club and taking on some of the responsibilities etc that go with it.  You will all be aware by now that the IUC band has had some great reviews of late following our first performance at The Boughton Beerfest. This has led to a number of other events being booked for the remainder of this year and into next and will ensure our clubs name along side our sponsor “Right Track Music” becomes the Number 1 in the world of Kent Ukulele music.

However, like most clubs of this sort we are blessed with two types of member.


The “doer” & the “follower”.


Rest assured both are very important and both are greatly valued by this club and whilst many members simply do not have the spare time to devote to helping run the club many do but sometimes just need a little extra encouragement to get involved more.

If you fancy becoming a “doer” please have a look at the attachment at the end of this note where you will find a list of “vacancies” which if you have the time and desire to change I am sure you will enjoy it. Please also remember the pay for each of these jobs is rubbish! But the rewards are immense and you will of course be doing your club a great service.


Other items we need to make you aware of;

  1. There is no club night this coming Monday 5th of September as we always meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. Therefore our next meeting will be on the 12th of September so please make a date in your diary now.
  2. The popular “Novice” and “Intermediate” member coaching sessions are currently under construction and we hope to soon be able to provide two new and improved structured modules of learning for these very important members of our club.  
  3. The IUC Band is performing this Sunday at Lympne Village Fair, Lympne Village Hall, Aldington Road, Lympne. The fair opens at 1pm and we will be performing on stage at around 2pm so please come along and support your band if you can.
  4. The following Sunday we are performing in Ashford Town centre at Midday and around 1pm. Again, please do try and come along and see what you are missing.
  5. John has a supply of new “UKE” car bumper badges on sale at £1 each which also promotes our clubs web site. As always all profits from their sale go to club funds so pick yours up from the check in desk at the next club night.
  6. Some time off I know but our band has a big booking to play at a Tenterden Lions Club charity variety show on Friday 14th of October at 19.30 in the Sinden Theatre, Tenterden. Tickets are on sale via our club check in desk at £8 each. Book early as it will be a sell out with around 120 expected on the night!


That’s all for now and please don’t forget to give John a call on 0772 9999276 if you need any further information on any of our “vacancies” etc.

                   And remember,             Your clubs needs you!

Kind Regards,

John & IUC 

1 Sep 2011, 06:30