Hello Folks !

posted 2 Aug 2012, 09:50 by ukulele457
Its been some time since I posted a meeting update and for that I must sincerely apologize. Pressure of work and all that has meant that I have not been able to keep you updated as often as I would have liked with all the fun we have been having since my last report. I will therefore endeavour to update you whilst keeping it brief. (and that would be a first for me!) 
         Well, during the past couple of months we have been experimenting a little with our our club nights in order to keep them fresh and appealing. Our Cliff kicked us off with his style of club night hosting which provided a new view on how we might change the format of our get togethers. This was followed by Dave and Maggie who again gave us food for thought by making their mark including the seating arrangements amongst other things which got us all mixing much better and saw our normal "performance session" take off and become the highlight of the evening for me. Our thanks go out to all our guest hosts who are always most welcome to come back again when ever they are free.
It was also a nice change for Jim, Mick and myself to step down from hosting the night and get a different perspective on proceedings which was also the idea behind the recent questionnaire we handed out recently. My thanks to those members who filled it out and handed it back and the information we received will again provide a view from you as to how you would like to see your club being run. I decided to cancel our club meetings during August as many of our members will be on holiday during August or watching the Olympics and unless we can cover our meeting expenses we would probably end up losing money on the night so our next meeting will now be held on the 10th of September during which we will also hold a AGM prior to our normal club meeting. Here you will be able to have again a say in how your club is run and share with us all your views and ideas for the future of the club. Since the formation of our club 18 months ago it has in the main been run by its founder members to whom I will always be most greatfulI for their input and help. Personally, I have been against the formation of a formal committee as in my experience these tend to become a group of people who talk a lot but get little done. However, many of you have asked that we should consider this major move in order to share the workload more which in turn will provide the opportunity for members to be more involved in running of the club and in the decision making process. Therefore, I would like to purpose that during this meeting we vote upon and appoint our very first committee to run the club on behalf of its members. To do this effectively we are going to need more members to step up and take on the roles needed to make this club even better than it is and to the next level and I now ask for your nominations for the following roles which will be voted upon during our AGM on the 10th of September 2012; 
Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Band Manager. 
We are also going to need a team of committee members. (around 5 maximum) who are prepared to attend the odd committee meeting (which will normally be held just before a club night meeting) and who will play a more active role in running the club and will include taking on some of the tasks involved. Please let me have your names and/or nominations for these roles via either an email to the clubs e mail address or telephone call to me on 01233 620532 before the 19th of August 2012.
Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,