Help Wanted.................

posted 16 Jun 2011, 03:24 by ukulele457   [ updated 18 Jun 2011, 02:22 ]
Dear Friends,
    As you are aware our IUC Band has a number of public performances lined up starting in August and are in dire need of our help. As you would expect the band under the leadership of our Dennis are hard at work rehearsing for these events and their music and singing are coming together very nicely. However, as well as performing well they also need to look the part and this is where we need your help please . We need someone who has the skills to cut, sew and make a waistcoat for each band member (max 6) to wear during their performances. We would of course supply all the material etc plus any pattens that are needed. If you can help please give me a call on 0772 9999276 anytime. 
   You could make a big difference to a lot of greatful people. Thanks, John.