Meeting Report 09/01/12

posted 10 Jan 2012, 02:22 by ukulele457
Dear Friend,
        What a great start to the new year and once again an excellent turn out for the first club meeting of 2012.  As per normal we welcomed some new members who following their session with our club coach "young Mick" performed for us all that well known nitty "How much is that doggie in the window". "Gentleman Jim" held our hands and took us on a musical journey through our songbooks and added a couple of new songs for us to have a go at which was a great success. We all agreed we should make this idea a regular session on a club night and I would ask you to bring along your favourite tune and either get up on the mike and sing it for us or if you prefer bring along copies which we can then hand out and play as a group. For those of you who were not present last night their were a couple of announcements that I would like to bring to your attention. Firstly, we need a volunteer to assist with the setting up and breaking down of our sound equipment and getting the room ready on a club night. This would require you to arrive around 18.00 and help get everything ready for the evenings fun. At the end of our session it is a quick strip down and put everything away which is always much quicker and takes about 10mins. If you you would like to help in this way please let "little John" know.  Also we have had to cancel the two meetings originally planned for 10th (band meeting) and the 18th of Jan (AGM) until further notice. This is due to unforeseen circumstances and will be rescheduled later on in the year. Thanks again to all our members for turning up last night. 
Kind Regards,
The IUC.