Meeting Report 13/02/12

posted 15 Feb 2012, 22:49 by ukulele457   [ updated 15 Feb 2012, 23:24 ]
Dear Members, It may have been a cold and lonely night in deepest Ashford but there was a warm and welcoming glow coming from the Elwick when the IUC met for our first meeting of the month. We tried something a little different this night and invited two of our members to take over and be your hosts for the evening. Maggie and David took control of the floor and led us along a most delightful and very enjoyable evening of song, laughter and merriment. This lovely husband and wife team guided us through our song books in their own inimitable style with flair and confidence abound!  We had record numbers of members up on their feet "doing a solo" which is most encouraging to see and hear and each and every one provided us all with an excellent performance, thank you. Maggie and the girls nearly stole the evening with their wonderful soft voices which provided us with a most welcome change to the rough gruff us men generate. But the winner for me was young Cyd who with her accomplished Wuf Wuf rendition in support of our newbies and that old favourite "Doggie in The Window" stole both the evening and our hearts with her smile and her accomplished accompliment. One of our founders Marco provided a much welcome and totally absorbing session on strumming which everybody enjoyed. He has already agreed to take another session on strum techniques for us again soon so thanks Marco. The three old codgers did their Flanagan and Allen routine which was just about o/k but the fur coat and straw boater was missing? Perhaps next next time................
ps, Bob has provided us with a short piece on how best to learn the songs we play and sing which I hope you find as useful as i did. Just click on the attachment below to view or print it. Thanks Bob.
15 Feb 2012, 23:20