Meeting Report 23.01.12

posted 24 Jan 2012, 03:33 by ukulele457
Thanks to those members for turning out last night and I hope like me you thought it was worth it. A big welcome as always to our new members and we hope you enjoyed it and had a good time too. Gentleman Jim led us through his world of ukulele music and song which during the second half saw Young Mick and his apprentices perform to raptures applause from a most appreciative of audiences. We again also had our fair share of budding solo/duo performers who demonstrated their skills and entertained us which again delighted those members in attendance. For those of you who could not make it I had a couple of announcements which I would now like to share with you all. Firstly, we have been very fortunate to have been awarded a grant from Kent County Council following a request made to our local county councillor Elizabeth Tweed. This most generous sum was awarded to our club under the Community Grant Scheme and will help us meet some of the running costs associated with a growing music based club like ours. Secondly, Young Mick our club coach will in future split his coaching periods into two sessions. The first session which will be held on the 2nd Monday of every month will take new members through the very basics of playing and will include learning just two simple chords. C and F. During the next session on the 4th Monday of every month Mick will lead you through a little more in depth knowledge of the uke and you will be given a couple of more important chords to learn. After this and of course providing you are comfortable and feel ready you will be expected to join the main group in the hall with Jim. 
Lastly, if any members have a particular piece of music or song they would like us all to perform then please bring it along and hand it out (you will probably need around 30 copies) and we can all give it a go.
Thanks again for your support and looking forward to seeing you next time.
Kind Regards.
John & The IUC.