Our Next Meet Night

posted 31 May 2011, 05:02 by ukulele457   [ updated 2 Jun 2011, 06:12 ]
Hi Eveyone,
Next Club Night
              Just to let you know our next meet night is on the 13th of June starting at 19.30 as normal.
The Invicta Ukulele Club Band
              The Invicta Ukulele Club Band had its first meeting last night and our leader Dennis shared with us his wealth of experience in performing to an audience. He coached us in a number of key skills including correct postioning on stage, how to look good, stand, smile and perform as a group. We also practised a number of tunes which will now form part of our performing repertoire and by the end of the evening it sounded great with our Harry providing the backing tracks which even attracted some pub vistiors to join us for a sing along!
              If this band is going to be a success it is very important to have as many of our members who are willing and able to join Dennis and his team and work with him in developing your playing/performing skills. So why not drop him a line via our e mail link over on the right hand side of this page under "Contact Us" and put your name down today. Please do not be shy or think you are not good enough. If you are a liitle apprehensive talk to him or again drop him an e mail and he will lay to rest any fears or concerns you may have about joining the band and taking your fun and enjoyment to even greater heights.
Promotional Publicity
         Given the publicity we got from "The Daily Telegraph" today 31/05/2011 (click on this link to view)
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/8546077/Ukuleles-back-in-fashion-as-comedy-instrument-sales-grow.html and my subsequent "live performance" on BBC Radio Kent earleir this morning (click on this link and advance their player timing to 2:12:40 to view the piece)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00gx0c4
(my mother always said I had a good face for Radio) I am hoping a few more members may join us on the 13th as a result. 
              In attendance on the 13th will at some stage during the evening be a photographer who will be amongst us taking publicity shots for our future planned promotional activity so please make sure he gets your best side should he point the camera at you!  
Have a good day and I look forward to seeing you all on the 13th,
Kind Regards, John.